ACES ETM Employee Agreement

ACES ETM portal have some terms and conditions which should be taken care of, by Limited Brands Employees. Visiting the official ACES ETM employee login portal you can go through it but over there is a bit complicated to understand the main points, due to other information. We have stated the must (Main points) ACES ETM Employee Agreement that should be taken care of, before using an ACES ETM account. 

ACES ETM Employee Agreement

ACES ETM Employee Agreement (Terms and conditions)

  • Authorized persons are only allowed to access the ACES ETM portal and its prototypes. 
  • Valid Network ID (Username) and Password is necessary to access the portal
  • Limited brands do have a security policy which is implemented in the ACES ETM employee login portal

Note: To know the L brands policy you have to contact your manager, they will provide you with valid copies.

  • The ACES ETM portal respects L brands employee’s privacy but they have clearly stated that associates stored data and activates privacy don’t rely on them. 

“Individuals should have no expectation of privacy with respect to their use of LBI’s assets and the Network/Site or in any files, messages, electronic or telephone communications or other information stored, created, sent, received, viewed, accessed or otherwise processed on or using its assets or the Network/Site. This includes any personal communications you send or receive or interactions with web pages you browse while using LBI’s assets or the Network/Site”

Kindly, Go Through the above-given sentence in mentioned in ACES ETM Terms and conditions which comes under ACES ETM Employee Agreement.

  • Make sure you have a strong password, which must include at least one symbol, special character, letter and numeric. 

Strong password example: [email protected]$01

  • Keep changing your ACES ETM account password frequently.
  • Associates data, account’s information and activities, responsibility relies on themselves. (Solely Responsible)
  • Make sure you rely on private internet connection and device. 
  • The Limited brand’s ACES ETM employee login portal includes links to other sites that are not affiliated with LBI. They are not responsible if any mislead occurs visiting third party websites. 
  • Do not share your ACES ETM accounts login credentials i.e. Network ID and Password to unauthorized persons. 

Note: “Notify the LTS Technology Assistance Center immediately if you lose your credentials or believe that someone else has obtained them” is included in ACES ETM Employee Agreement. 

  • Once you resign from your JOB (Limited Brands), your ACES ETM account will be deleted within 30 days. You are not allowed to access the ACES ETM portal after providing a resignation letter. 


In this article, we stated ACES ETM portals “Terms and Conditions” the points that come under ACES ETM Employee Agreement. If you have any doubt or query, kindly note it in the given comment section. We will look into it!