ACES ETM Portal Management

ACES ETM is one of the notable portals preferred by well-known Limited brands such as Bath & Body Works, Victoria’s Secret and many others for multiple purposes. There are two prototypes for ACES ETM portal one is for L Brands Associates whereas, the other is meant for HR Access.

ACES ETM Portal Management

Limited brands Associates use their ACES ETM account for accessing there official data such as Pay stubs, tax information, assigned tasks, weekly schedule and much more. Moreover, it allows employees to go through L Brands Benefits which includes Health and Wellness, Savings & Finances, Lifestyle. Once you become a certified employee of any of the limited brand you can apply for L Brands benefits from ACES ETM Employee login portal.

That’s not the end ACES ETM portal management have a lot of other advantages, it allows Limited Brands employees to apply for urgent leaves from anywhere at any time. Quickly check there assigned tasks to get mentally prepared to execute the task.

To access ACES ETM Employee login portal you must have valid Username and Password. In case, if you have recently joined any of the L brands and don’t have login credentials for ACES ETM account then kindly, contact you senior or Manger and request them to provide you with the Username and Password for you ACES ETM Account.

ACES ETM Portal Management

As discussed earlier the ACES ETM portal has two different prototypes one is meant for Limited Brands associates whereas, the other is meant for L Brands HR department. ACES ETM HR portal allows the authorized Human Resources managements to access their associates’ personal data, attendance, pay stubs and much more.

Limited Brands HR department have the access to look into any of the L brands employees’ details which includes Username and Password. In case, if you forget the password or need to make minor changes in Personal data such as contact number, address, name or some other details can contact their L Brands HR department.


In this article, we have introduced the ACES ETM portal management. If you have any doubt or query, kindly note it down in the given comment section. We will look into it!